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My ex hasn't seen our kids in years. He has called about three times total in 2014. He did miss birthdays and Christmas though. Youngest son doesn't know who his dad is. Oldest son wants nothing to do with dad. Ex owes over 10k child support. He recently started paying child support again. He has expressed interest in having the kids over the summer. I worry because when we did live in the same state ex would regularly beg for me to take the kids back early so he could watch football.

I want to find an attorney where we live to modify custody or visitation. I'm not sure what is reasonable to ask for. I didn't have a great lawyer when I got divorced so the custody agreement is not great. based on my sons reaction to his dad when he calls or when they talk about dads at school and he understands his dad doesn't want to talk to him I need to do something to help my son.

Any help for an attorney watching out for childrens wishes and best interest would be appreciated. If you have been in a similar situation what did you ask for as far as modifying visitation or custody.
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I live and work in Columbia, SC, and although I've never needed the services of a family law attorney, Joe Underwood is highly recommended by other lawyers I know. His information is here. I know nothing of his retainer or rates, but it never hurts to call. You can also contact the SC Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-868-2284. Good luck.
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Response by poster: There are things I prefer to keep private worse that wanting to watch football without kids. Things that make me fearful of their safety if they do go visit.
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Check your mefi mail.
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Would you be able to go down to the courthouse to see a few family lawyers in action? The ones that "click" for you, ask for their business card and set up a preliminary appointment. This is obviously churning up some strong emotions for you and you need to be in control of your emotions in order to make the best choices. Lawyers are expensive, it is cheaper and more productive to get a therapist. Get legal advice from the lawyer and learn coping skills from the therapist. Good luck!
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There are things I prefer to keep private worse that wanting to watch football without kids. Things that make me fearful of their safety if they do go visit.

A domestic violence center can help you sort through your options and can refer you to legal assistance. Here is a list of South Carolina organizations. I don't know anything about the law in South Carolina, but here in Wisconsin the child can be appointed his or her own attorney by the court to look after the child's interests. But ask the DV center - they will know how this works.
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