Whither "catch"?
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"Nice catch!" you'll think, realizing that I deserve kudos for noticing that this question is hard to find an answer to. But where does the phrase "nice catch" come from? Why is noticing and identifying a thing a "catch"? When was this first used and whence did it come?
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I just assumed it was from baseball- if you catch the ball you've just put your team ahead one Out (Oh, you know what I mean.)
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In terms of typos, if you don't notice them you "missed" them or "it got passed you" either of which could seem to be the opposite of catch. I have no idea which is the chicken and which is the egg or whether the chicken or egg came first, though.
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Best answer: When was this first used

From etymonline: Meaning "act as a catcher in baseball" recorded from 1865. To catch on "apprehend" is 1884, American English colloquial.
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It's much older than that. From jedicus's link:

Meaning "that which is caught or worth catching" (later especially of spouses) is from 1590s.
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I would have gussed fishing ( or trapping).
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I also would have thought fishing.

(By the way, if you're asking about where something comes from you want to say "whence". "Whither" would be for asking where something is going to.)
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Response by poster: Wherefore art thou, alms, when I mean wherefore but say whence and hope nobody notices!
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Same for 'thither' and 'thence', but there not where.
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