Who are the best Twitter accounts for sports and gaming?
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I'm trying to put together a canonical list of the best Twitter personalities for people who are into popular sports (football, basketball, golf, soccer, etc.) and gaming (poker, blackjack, slots, etc.). Who are the best that are currently tweeting, and why do you like them?

For instance, on poker, Daniel Negreanu does a great job of not only tweeting about the tournaments he's playing and his thoughts on poker in general, but also an ongoing slice-of-life about what it's like to be a full-time poker player. Phil Hellmuth also does a good job of that.

So I'd like to put together a list of 5-6 "must-follows" for each major casino game and each sport (pretty much any sport that a casino sportsbook user would be interested in, so in addition to the major ones above, it would include things like hockey, horse racing and MMA).
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You can follow @jbowman_ATL for WNBA commentary.

Not that I'm partial or anything.
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To add a little levity to your Twitter feed, check out the PFT Commenter, discovered over here on Deadspin.
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Legendary England striker and Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker for soccer.
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I follow the @SBNation account for a good overview of general sports news (and jokes). SBNation also has dozens of sport-specific Twitter accounts that match their blogs.
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This question is right up my alley! (Though I don't follow that many poker/gambling folks anymore).

First of all here's my big list of "Basketball Hipsters" ie funny bloggers/comics who tweet about basketball among other things. I'll be back later with more specific suggestions from that list.

But two to single out: John Bois. Who is hilarious. And David Roth, who is very thoughtful. Both tweet about a lot of things other than sports.

Also @apokerplayer is my favorite poker strategy tweeter.
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For hockey:
Philip Pritchard, one of the Keepers of the Stanley Cup
NHL History Girl
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This is more than what you wanted but here some key people in each category:

NBA (and other sports) writers

Online Magazines/Resources

Mostly Jokesters

And for gambling/poker/NBA stats, don't forget the evil genius of @haralabob
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