Custom suiting for women?
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Men have a million options for made to measure shirts, suits, etc. but I have a very difficult time finding anything comparable for women.

I specifically envy things like:

Can anyone recommend a place that does this for women, either exclusively or in addition to their menswear businesses? Tomboy Tailors seemed promising but was apparently plagued with issues and has since closed. Supposedly women's body shapes vary more than men's, so I can see why there might not be quite as many of these services for women, but surely there must be some?

Looking for places in the Bay Area or New York City. Also happy to do this entirely online. I've heard of tailors from Hong Kong who will do city-visits, take measurements, and then send suits back -- that would be great too.
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Best answer: Here are two that I have heard about, which are luckily enough in the areas that you specify! -- New York area -- SF area
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Best answer: Bindle & Keep in Brooklyn and Saint Harridan in Oakland do exactly this; if you're open to LA, there's also Sharpe Suiting.

Dapper Q's menswear for women and designers & goods tags might also be of assistance!
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Did a bit of searching and also found one that just kickstarted this past fall in LA:
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N-thing Saint Harridan. A friend of mine went to their pop-up shop in Boston recently and loooooves the suit they ended up with.
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Denver Dressmakers is the women's side of their bespoke men's suit company. Their website says they work both locally and worldwide, via email with digital photos, etc. I've had email contact with them for a possible project, and they were very friendly and professional.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, these are all really helpful.

It's looking like Bindle & Keep is the most promising -- they have a very feminine, single-button, slim-fit jacket with cigarette pants model that is pretty close to what I was envisioning.
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I have a few female friends who have been really pleased with the suits they've gotten from Saint Harridan. I also got a random email from them about a suit being sent to me (I did not order a suit, some other Jessamyn did) and emailed them back to let them know the email had gone to the wrong person and got a totally charming email back from them (and they fixed the error) and I was impressed.
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I've been considering purchasing from, though I haven't yet, so can only provide the link, not recommend it. They're the women's arm of, and they do everything online.
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Sounds like you're all set, for but future searchers: Duchess Clothier in Portland, OR.
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Friends have reported having good experiences with Kipper Clothiers (in San Francisco), which seems to do more custom work than St. Harridan. Like St. Harridan and Tomboy Tailors, they focus on masculine suits for women/trans men/ gender nonconforming folks.
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Best answer: So I am in the Bay Area and am in the process of having this done now. My husband has been using a HK tailor for years and I asked the tailor if he could do custom work for me, "of course!" was the answer. So far I have been measured and had a jacket and shirt made but not "fitted" so right now they look off the rack and one size too big. In a week the first "fitting" will take place. This is very different than my husbands experience (and more expensive too). He usually goes it, gets measured and suits that fit perfectly magically appear in a couple weeks. The tailor told me that for women it can take 2-3 fittings to get it right. So if mine turn out all right in the end I will send you our tailor's contact information (he also travels to NY).
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