What to do if I've used up my pepto allowance for the day - stomach ache
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I have some kind of stomach bug and so far pepto has been keeping it at bay but I'm nearing the maximum daily dose (every half hour up to 8 times in 24 hours). The nausea/stomach pain seems to still be creeping back each time after the half hour and I don't know what to do after my last dose. What do I do after my 8th dose if it comes back? Is it harmful to take any more? Is there an alternate medication I can switch over to?
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Your doctor or any doctor at your nearest ER has alternative drugs. I highly suggest you see them as soon as possible to rule out something more severe than a "stomach bug."
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Seconding talk to a doctor! This could be any number of things that are not stomach flu. Do you have a doctor? If you don't, can you get yourself to an urgent care clinic or an emergency room?
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Yeah, when regular medicine stops working it's time to go to the ER. My SO had similar problems, turns out his common bile duct was blocked. There could be any number of reasons but one thing I learned from that is when pepto fails, there can be some very serious reasons why.
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IINAD but my dr has told me NOT to take pepto or Imodium unless you absolutely have to be in a situation (funeral, can't miss work) where you can't let your body expel the bug. It's sucks to throw up but that is how you get rid of stuff. Agree with above to call your dr or go to a clinic. Ask them about more pepto.
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Yes, talk to your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic. You might have something serious. Even if you don't, chances are your doctor (or one at urgent care) would be able to recommend something that would work better than pepto.
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Have you actually barfed? Because you might feel better if you just go ahead and let yourself throw up and get the demons out.
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Pepto x 8 in 24 hours?
IANAD/IANYD but please see a doctor STAT.
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