Best apps for a Pebble watch
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My husband got me a Pebble watch for Christmas. It's awesome! What are some great apps to go with it? I have an iPhone 5S.
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Best answer: Congrats! I usually get my pebble news and info from /r/pebble on reddit, so allow me to direct you to the sidebar which has links to the sub's wiki: getting started guide and notable apps, for example. Plenty of good stuff there for skinning and protecting your pebble, third-party accessories, etc. as well. Protip: get a second charging cable.

I've got Android, so I can't give you specific app advice as far as pebble apps that interact with apps on the phone, but: I recommend getting a weather-reporting face, a face that controls your music player, one or two watch-faces that you really like, and maybe a game.

Smartwatch+ might be a good place to start.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but if I was, I'd definitely be using JavaPay (formerly PebbleBucks... Pebble stopped accepting apps with Pebble in the name), which displays a scannable on the face QR code linked to your registered Starbucks card.
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I have a iPhone 5 and I have:
Misfit for fitness
Multi Timer for a stopwatch/timer
Cards for displaying various information
Pedometer for fitness

I have a couple of different watch faces including a dual display for local/GMT and a couple that are nice looking analog displays.
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