Bagless dogs on Brooklyn subways recently?
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In the last month, I've noticed a lot of people bringing their pet dogs on the train with no bag? Has anyone else noticed if MTA has been more relaxed about this recently? This last gal strolled her black lab across the platform at Morgan Ave L in front of employees with no repercussions. Does MTA really care enough to ticket anymore?

Because I'd love to bring my well behaved buddy on transit instead of leaving him alone.
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Best answer: Service animals are allowed on the subway without bags. Dogs that are designated as service dogs do not necessarily have to be wearing anything that indicates such. Therapy animals technically don't count, but I don't think MTA officials can be arsed to even ask these days. That said, it is still against the rules to bring a non-service animal on board without it being in a carrier.
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Funny enough, it's not MTA doing the policing/ticketing. It's the NYPD.

(Still blushing in shame for being ticketed by New York's Finest for carrying my 5 lb pup in a tote bag instead of a proper carrier years ago.)
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