evening computer science classes in NYC?
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I'd like to take a computer science class after work, with as little hoop-jumping as possible. My interests are broad: compilers, programming languages, type theory, distributed systems, OS, numerical analysis. I am looking for relatively academic courses, basically advanced undergrad or grad school without committing to a master's program, not some kind of learn-to-Rails/MEAN/h4x0r boot camp. Is this possible? Any NYC-specific recommendations?

I was graduated a few years ago with a B.S. in computer science, so I've taken the usual 101-level classes.

Actually, I wasn't sure what I wanted at the time, so I did the non-majors, majors, and honors intro sequences all at once:
  • The non-majors one assigned a bunch of nontrivial projects demonstrating how other departments used computers.
  • The honors one was a random walk through Haskell, C, lex/yacc, awk, Python, min-max trees, purely functional data structures, Lindenmayer systems---basically a year of the professor shouting, "And now isn't this cool?!"
  • The for-majors one, unfortunately, had all the workload of the non-majors sequence but none of the whizz-bang factor of the honors sequence.
I liked the first two approaches. I didn't like the for-majors course because I wasn't willing to do that much work just to make a crappy rocket ship animation.

I'm looking for a structured course that assigns problem sets and projects and returns comments. I've tried a variety of self-directed approaches (MOOCs, personal projects, Rosalind/Euler/ICPC-style puzzles, reading a textbook on my own) and I think I learn best in a structured environment.

I would ideally like to do this without getting faculty recommendations or taking any GREs. If I need either, a good GRE score is probably a lot easier than a faculty recommendation, as I haven't kept in touch with any of my professors. I'm willing to pay tuition.
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I would use this as an excuse to contact your old professors for advice. I bet they'd be happy to hear from you, and happy to help!
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If distance learning is okay with you and you really don't mind paying tuition, check out Stanford's SCPD program. You'd want to be taking classes as a non-degree student.
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Brooklyn College has a lot of these kinds of classes that are taught at night, as does City Tech. One of my colleagues got a master's at Fordham at night, as well.

My experience with these night classes for working professionals is that you still had to submit an application and a transcript, but that they were relatively flexible about it.
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How about taking courses in the computer science department at Hunter College as a non-degree student?
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Columbia used to offer a non-degree program that offered BA holders a chance to take classes that seemed to emphasize practicals, but were more academic than the training you'd get at a boot camp. I had my eye on the program years ago, but just never followed up on it. I no longer see it on the CS department website, but they now have something called a "Certification of Professional Achievement", which seems to group together related MS level classes into a course of study. It's online only, though I'm sure you could check with the department if you could audit those classes in person if there's room.
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Response by poster: "Non-degree student" sounds like exactly the term I was missing. Please keep recommending specific programs, especially if you can share personal experience as a non-degree student there. Thanks, everyone!
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Less structured than you're looking for, but you may enjoy Hacker School.
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I was a non-degree SCPD student for a year and change before matriculating into the distance master's program (got my degree in 2012). Feel free to memail me if you have any questions about it.
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