Free logic font?
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Does anyone know of a free downloadable font with logic symbols?

I could write the SL connectives and those zany upside-down letter PL quantifiers on my assignments by hand, but, well, I'd rather not, and my Google searches have yielded naught but broken links and uselessness. Help?
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Her'es a font install of it:
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That was easy. Thanks!
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Lucida Sans Unicode comes with windows and has the logical quantifiers and connectives. You type them by using alt+ their unicode numbers on the number pad. The existential quantifier (backwards 'E'), for instance, is alt+8707.

The Index of Character Entity References" will be helpful.
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The TrueType fonts included with Mathmatica are also freely available separately. Look here for the PC, and here for OSX.

I used these extensively when I took a Logic class last summer.
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you mean like? ∃ ⇑,⇒,∀,∂, ∅,&isin,∋,∉,∏,∑ and so on?

You probably already have them. See here for a list of html entities.

Type them into a metafilter window and paste them into word or whatever unicode editor you want to use (verdana and lucida have those characters)
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