I want to wear serious and fun grown up clothes.
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I love making outfits. How do you find chances to wear clothes that are not office clothes?

This is a silly question. I am lucky to have a job and the chance to work in an office. However, one of the things I really miss about being a student and not working full-time is wearing different, casual clothes. I love matching, outfits, and trying different kinds of clothes! Is this just something you give up when you become an adult who works in a cubicle?

One of the problems is that I don't go out and socialize a lot, so the clothes I want to wear are sitting in the closet! :( Yes I should go out more on weekends or after work, but after work I just want to be in pajamas.

I am almost leaning toward a non-cubicle career, like teaching, because of the more casual dress code! I do not mind working in an office or the field I might be in-- I quite like it. However, I do wish to have more chances to wear casual clothes. I very much like and want to wear the clothes I have (for however much longer at least.)
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I dress up to run errands. Really.
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1. Never ever ever be one of those people who just wears yoga pants and uggs around during their off time. This is your free time to play with aesthetics. Enjoy it!

2. You don't need to be going "out" or seeing other people to look nice. Get up on Saturday morning and put on a cute outfit to run errands or putter around the house or whatever you do on a Saturday. You don't need a special occasion.

3. Can you not translate your enjoyment of clothes into your workwear? I guess it depends how conservative a corporate environment you work in, but I bet you could find interesting clothes that are also work appropriate. Even if it's just little touches like quirky accessories.

4. If you really do want to just wear pajamas at all times when you're not at work, why not get creative with your loungewear? Again, don't limit yourself to sweats. I just recently got some adorable flannel PJs with penguins on them. They rule. It's definitely possible to look put together and comfy at the same time.

5. Make occasions to wear the clothes you like. If you have a bunch of clothes that really are too fancy for running errands on a Saturday, make a list of places you would wear that outfit. Then, once a week, do something from the list. You don't have to be going out All The Time in order to wear cute clothes. You could go once a week, or once every few weeks. And if you don't like the social aspect of going out, what about picking less social outings? Go to the movies or to a museum. Take a stroll. There are lots of things you can get dolled up and do that won't feel like onerous social obligations.
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If you have a look at the style an tabloid magazines that feature celebrities 'out and about' wearing their cool denim and latest floppy hat/studded boots etc most of them are captioned with things like 'Cameron Diaz walking her pooch' or 'Selena Gomez grabbing coffee with a friend' mid morning grocery shopping or whatever. You don't need an event to put on your cool new boots, just do it anyway!

I'm making a real effort at this myself. I've realised I have a whole 'wardrobe' of beautiful perfume and makeup and casual clothes that I just haven't worn because I'm at home with a baby and toddler. I've had some of this stuff for years but lately I've been using it because it makes me happy, even if there's no adults around to appreciate it - I do. Beautiful things were made to be appreciated, not sit in closets - otherwise you might as well throw them out.

One thing I do though to get the most out of my clothes is go to Pinterest and search 'chloe studded boots casual outfit' or whatever to get ideas on how to pull together a daytime look with what you have. This means you can walk the dog without looking totally overdone and still wear your nice things.
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Have you seen the blog The Fashionable Bureaucrat? That lady puts together some truly funky ensembles while remaining in the realm of work-appropriate. Accessorize! Shoes, jewelry, jackets and purses can all express your stylishness while still being cubicle-ready.

Do you to the gym or take any dance classes by chance? Dance classes can be a great way to dress adventurously without "going out." Same with any kind of exercise -- there's no rule that you have to wear sweats and a stained T to work out.
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When you get home for the day, shower and then change into your real clothes.
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I came to suggest dancing too. Swing dancing, rock and roll and rockabilly all have retro looks that you might enjoy. Check out a social dance in your area and see how many people get dressed up, as it varies from place to place. If nothing else, you can always where pretty dresses dancing.
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Yes agree with the above about adding accessories or something to your work wardrobe. See it as a fun challenge to be more creative; maybe more emphasis on layering or playing with shades of subtle colour. I'm the office clothes horse. People dress very boring at work and are always complimenting me on my outfits & accessories. So for instance, when I say layering, I don't just mean your clothes, do it with your accessories too, eg a phone case & coin purse that coordinate with my handbag, but laptop bag in a fun contrasting colour or texture. Enjoy details on shoes. Have fun with your outerwear; a great coat & scarf can be taken off when you get to the office but you arrive/go to lunch etc looking fab.

It might just take you a while to get into a new groove but try stuff, look at lots of pictures and I'm sure you'll develop your own work-style. It'll be fun! A lovely problem to have. Enjoy :)
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