dirty town kitty children's book?
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For years I have been looking for information about a children's book about a mother cat and her kitten and a (coal?) town where it was so dirty that no cat would stay there, despite the wishes of the inhabitants. The mother cat has to make a trip and isn't sure she can leave her kitten in the dirty town, but someone comes out of a building (maybe, where all the residents have chosen names they'd give a kitten if they could have one?), and (maybe beats a pot with a spoon? and) calls out all the cat names one after another in hopes of calling the kitten. Mother cat is convinced and leaves kitten.

A friend who grew up in Beirut remembers this book from the 1950's but has not been able to find it or recall its title; it's possibly British, or even French.
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This sounds amazing. I'm scrolling through google searches now. Hope you find it!
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Like the eponysterical poster above me I think this sounds fantastic! Was the book in English? Did they read it or have it read to them? Pictures or chapter book?
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Response by poster: My friend's recollection was that it was a picture book in English. Btw, Loganberrybooks' "Stump the Bookseller" service hasn't found it for me . . .
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