how to curtain curved window?
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I have two small (2' across, 6' high) convex windows in my living room. I really want to put one sheer panel up in each, but the wall and frame portion are also convex. To imagine, it's an old Victorian house with turrets and other architectural peculiarities.

Anyway, standard curtain rods won't do. I tried making my own small, convex curtain rods out of wire coat hangers. It worked, but affixing them became a problem.

I am seriously running out of ideas. I do not want to put privacy film on them unless it is the very last resort. What else could I try in lieu of standard curtain rods? The sheers are light, so it doesn't need to be particularly heavy duty. Thanks.
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Flexible curtain rack.
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Depending on how curved the windows are, maybe try getting a quilt hoop and cutting it in half? That's a two-layer plastic or wood circle that has a locking mechanism so you can secure a big circle of quilt and quilt it. The wood is sturdy but lightweight, and they come in several sizes (18 in, 24 in, 30 in), plus if you cut them in half you'll get two or maybe three half-circle rods. I'd put the ends resting on top-open bracket style holders.

I have also used light copper and steel pipes or solid rods to hang curtains on a straight window. If you feel competent to heat and bend the pipe, or can find a hardware store or handyman to do it for you, you could have custom-curved curtain holders.
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Via Old-House Journal:
* We specialize in custom bending and curving of curtain rods.
* Curved Curtain Rod and Curved Continental

The authors of the article where I found that also discovered that making your own using BX cable works fairly well and is mostly invisible.
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I've seen curved shower curtain rods in stores like Target, which could perhaps be cut to size, coupled with shower curtain flanges from Home Depot might work- I think the overall dimensions would keep the rod from being excessive- and use rings or hooks for regular curtains
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Have you tried using small, picture hanging hooks to hang the coat hanger? I would form the wire into a circle and attach it at four points with the hooks, 2:00, 4:00, 8:00, and 10:00 (ish).Take two strips of sheer fabric and crisscross between the points (your fullest part will end up in the middle).
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