Trying to think of a song...
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I was listening to this number by a Pakistani band earlier this week. It has lots of lovely synth-pop elements infused with punk energy, and reminds me feverishly of a song from the 80s (or the 90s?) by a band similar to New Order (especially the part from 2:35 - 2:55).

I assumed it was a New Order song I was thinking of but can't put my finger on it. In my head, it's pretty up tempo, has vocals that sound like they're passed through a tube and there are synths all over.

I tried my best to put it in words, but does this remind of you anything from that period? It may be that I'm wrong and it sounds like some newer song, so I'll take whatever suggestions you can give me.
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I was most reminded of TV on the Radio's "Wolf Like Me", though that's from 2006.
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Best answer: Maybe Psychedelic Furs? Or "Age of Consent" by New Order?

Also possibly something newer, like LCD Soundsystem?
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Wrong time period but it reminds me of Lisztomania by Phoenix.
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Response by poster: 'Age of Consent' it is! I'm pretty sure I played it earlier thinking that was it, but skipped past it too soon. This time I heard the whole thing, and its latter half (where the synths are more prominent) is what I was thinking of.

I also agree that it sounds a lot like 'Wolf Like Me'.

Thanks everyone!
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