Generating factual statements from data
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Let's say I have a large set of time series. There are a large number of factual statements that could be made about it, including some that are trivially algorithmically generated (e.g. "Soy beans are appreciating in cost faster than corn"). Is there a term for generating statements like this?
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Response by poster: What Narrative Science does is a good example. But I'm looking for something more general than "narrative generation".
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Automated feature extraction?
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Identifying trends. Look into "trend data", it's a thing.
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I might call such a thing "feature extraction," or perhaps "dimensionality reduction".

But if you want something more general than "narrative generation", then it'd have to be something like 'summarization'.
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data analysis
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BTW, you might be interested in John Tukey's book Exploratory Data Analysis.
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I don't know of a term for this, but I do know a freely available tool that does something similar to what you are asking for Automatic Statistician.
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