Suggestions for Small Group Decision-Making/Voting Online?
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Please help my little union find an online platform for decision-making. We would like a secure way to dis/approve proposals and vote yearly for officers. Anonymous voting with a unique identifier is required. Bonus points for discussion capabilities and ease of use.

I've worked a bit with Loomio and love it for the discussion capabilities and slick UI. But there is no anonymous vote functionality and it's based around consensus, which we thankfully don't use.

Could Survey Monkey could do the trick? Something called ADoodle is also an option but ugly as sin.

Our 40 some-odd members are tech savvy and spread out over 8 states. We would need to use this 5 or 10 times per year, realistically. THANK YOU!
posted by willie11 to Technology (2 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite is the most rigorous online voting tool I've ever seen.
Not necessarily easy on the eyes, but designed for voting (vs hacking polling into voting), and I seem to recall mention of anonymization in the read-through of their docs I did a while back.
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Pretty sure some of the programs here have most or all of that:
2015 Best Web Conferencing Review
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