Trivia Nights/Pub Quizzes in Austin, Texas
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Where are the best trivia nights in Austin, Texas? I am looking for something that is fun, but treated seriously and with thoughtful, wide-ranging, difficult questions.

I used to participate in the trivia night at Pacific-Standard in Brooklyn and loved it, so if you are familiar with that trivia night (a long shot), I am looking for something similar. I visit Austin a lot because of family but don't live there. Super bonus points if you are aware of any trivia nights this December 26 or 27.
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BD Riley's has a weekly trivia night on Wednesdays.
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Look at Geeks who Drink.
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Austin is lousy with Geeks Who Drink trivia nights. I can't compare it to the one at the Pacific-Standard, but the time I went (at Gourmand's) it was fun and challenging. From the list I linked, it does look like they have Saturday & Sunday events. I also went to a Stump Trivia night at Violet Crown Social Club, which was also fun and has the advantage of proximity to Via 313 Pizza, but only happens there on Wednesdays.
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I've gotten into the habit of going to Stump Trivia at Draft Pick every Wednesday. My group is hoping to win tomorrow so we can make it a three-peat!

I tend to like the format of Stump a bit more than Geeks Who Drink (which seems to have events pretty much every night all over Austin), even though it seems to have a couple more sports questions, which I am useless on.

I'm interested to see in this thread what unique pub quizzes there are in town as opposed to Stump/Geeks, which you can find anywhere.
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shangri-la on monday nights
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I highly recommend Geeks Who Drink. If they are not going to have a listed trivia night due to the holidays, they will post it on their twitter. My favorites, which do not land on the 26th or 27th, are the ones at the Highball, Black Star Coop, and the Drag Bar. Black Star has limited seating, though, so if you choose that one, I would recommend going early. The Highball and Black Star are both considerably nicer than the Drag Bar, but the Drag Bar has a great quiz master.

An alternative (which includes the shangri-la trivia) is Who Wants a Dollar? Unfortunately, their website is telling me "this site may hurt your computer', so I'm linking the Facebook instead, which has less information.
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Geeks who Drink consistently have solid, quality events. They skew a bit more pop culture-y, but there's plenty of catch all general knowledge that makes it fun and challenging. I don't play in Austin, but of the many Geeks who Drink events I've been at, at many different locations, I've always seen the teams take it pretty seriously too. So competition can get pretty fierce.
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Geeks Who Drink is not exactly thoughtful trivia, from my experience. Mostly pop culture, of easy to medium difficulty. Maybe it's different in Austin than elsewhere? I thought they used the same questions everywhere.
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