How can I translate a Japanese PDF?
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I need a quick translation of a pamphlet in Japanese. It doesn't have that much text, but has several pages of annotated pictures. The text is part of the image and I can't highlight and copy it. Normally, when I need a translation, I use a service called Gengo, but they only take text. Does anyone know a) how I could extract Japanese text from a PDF or b) where I could find someone to quickly (even roughly) translate this? Thanks!
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Can you host the PDF on Issuu or Google Drive or something so that we can see it?
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Are there any Japanese OCR tools that you can use?
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There are PDF to word-document converters on the internet, maybe see if it works on your document and if so you will be able to copy and paste the text somewhere.


just screenshot all the text parts and hunt around the internet for someone to translate them. Places like here or a japanese subreddit or even a japanese lyrics translation website or japanese translation forum might be able to help.
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I've been happy using and they accept a wide variety of formats, including images and pdf's. They charge per word, with no minimums or other service fees (which seems to be ~$0.08 per word for Japanese -> English right now).
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I would steer clear of fivver. E-J Translations I've tried there were terrible or were canceled. I know a reputable couple on Memail if you want a specific referral.
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Japanese OCR exists, and is a maybe doable option if you read enough Japanese to not feed it garbage. Otherwise, a human translator who just reads the PDF is your best bet.

I have made a career out of a Few Weird Tricks, and extracting translatable text from munged-up complex-script PDFs is one of those tricks. I'd be happy to crack it open and take a look; feel free to memail me a link if you don't want to share your PDF with the world. But, from what I know about your document from your description (and working styles of Japanese designers in general), I'm betting that going with one of the suggested human translators already mentioned upthread is your only solution.
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I would translate it i you can wait until tonight.
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Use Google Translate on an Android phone? It has a camera option so you just point it at the text, and highlight the stuff you want translated with your finger.
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Capture2Text is free/open source and looks like it can handle Japanese.
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