Breaking m4p into individual tracks
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Esther has failed me, or rather Itunes has.

I pre-ordered the new Madonna album, not realizing that I was buying the continuous mix. To say that my Ipod doesn't handle a 53 minute track when trying to skip around is a large understatement.

Help me figure out a way to break this monster up into it's individual tracks. If JHymn was working with Itunes 6, it would be a nonissue, but alas it isn't.
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Burn to CD, rip as WAV or AIFF, edit, encode as Apple Lossless.
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Isn't an M4P file the one with the bookmarks in it? Like an audiobook? It resumes where you left off when you come back to the track in itunes, and also when you skip to the next track, it jumps to the next "bookmark" or album track. So with that, shouldn't it be a breeze to skip to the next track?

I believe that when you burn one of those to a cd, it'll split out the tracks for you too.

btw.. the new album is rather good. Stuart Price is very talented (otherwise known as "The Thin White Duke" for remixes of Starsailor, the Killers etc)
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Go to Pay $.02/MB. You've already licensed the download so think of this as extra pay-per-backup insurance, if paying for Russian music licences upsets you.
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