Looking for rollmops/gravlax/etc. in Philadelphia
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Is there anywhere I can find pickled/preserved fish in Philadelphia? West Philadelphia and Center City down to Washington Ave preferred. I'm looking for stuff in jars that I can keep in the fridge. Specific store names/vendors would be very helpful. My stomach thanks you!
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Best answer: Vita is a supermarket brand. They also do smoked salmon.

You can get Gravlax at Ikea.

Try the Reading Terminal Market to see if they may have.
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Best answer: Does it have to be GOOD gravlax? Because the IKEA on Columbus Blvd. consistently has it. If you want to stick closer to Center City, you might be able to find SOME form of preserved fish (if not legit gravlax) at Rachel's Nosheri. The DiBruno Brothers' mothership in Center City SEEMS like they'd have something (they DO have an entire case full of various prepared fishes!), but I'm not sure if they have THAT.
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OOOH. Ikea is having a smorgasbord this Friday, and IIRC, it is wall-to-freaking-wall preserved fish.
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You might get better answers on a Philly food board like Chowhound.
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If your grocery store has a Jewish section, you're likely to find pickled herring there, too.
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Best answer: I was at ShopRite on Columbus Ave (across the way from Target) last weekend, and they had a small selection of preserved fish/jarred herring by the deli/seafood counter. I know that the Wegmans in Cherry Hill has pickled herring.
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Here in Brooklyn, you can buy jarred pickled herring at little Russian shops, if you have that sort of place in Philly.
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You want Bell's Market and/or NetCost Market up on Bustleton in the NE.
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Response by poster: Picked up some rollmops at the Wursthaus Schmitz stall at Reading Terminal Market!
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