Selling MP3 downloads via mobile.
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What options make the most sense for selling audio drama MP3s for mobile users?

My client has a website that sells audio drama titles in the form of downloadable zip files. The titles are are normally multiple MP3 files, which is why they're zipped. Everything works fine for desktop users, but it's time to go mobile. I want to build a mobile version of the site that sells all the titles as audio files (MP3 - not zip) and allows easy listening after purchase.

My initial thought was iTunes and Amazon because they handle the storage and playback - I need the solution to do that. There's also a big catch - my client signed a deal with a distributor that gave away his ability to sell his titles as subscription-based streamed content. Although iTunes and Amazon use cloud storage and proprietary playback systems, I don't think this actually fits the definition of streaming content as defined in his contract, because they'll also be downloadable.

Aside from a third-party solution (like iTunes), is there maybe a reliable and relatively simple way to do this within a mobile site? I'm not looking to build an app, just develop a mobile version of his existing site. Customers don't need to purchase and listen on his domain, but I want the sales of each title to start there.
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