John Woolman School guidelines?
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I'm looking for the 6 student guidelines that were present on the old site of the John Woolman School, that Quaker school in the Sierras. They have a new site, but don't list these guidelines. I found them beautiful in their simplicity. One was "care for yourself and others". Does anyone here know them? Help!
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-Be honest: be who you really are.
-Care for yourself.
-Treat others as you want to be treated.
-Don't make work for others.
-Challenge yourself to grow.
-Make a positive difference in the world.
-If you have a complaint, suggest and work towards a solution.

Is that them?
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(from the Internet Archive)
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From the internet archive, Woolman's mission and philosophy page seems to have text close to what you seek.
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If you like that sort of stuff, I highly recommend Quaker Book of Wisdom: Life Lessons in Simplicity, Service and Common Sense by Robert Lawrence Smith.
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bricoleur, those are them! Thank you so much!! And dhartung, thank you, too, for your reference. I hadn't thought of checking the internet archive. Doohickie, I'll check out the book you recommend, thanks. These Woolman guidelines are really wonderful and provide a good jumping off point in developing a personal existence/behavioral/philosophical code, at least for me.
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The book expands on the essence of it. It is, if I remember correctly, a grandfather's advice to his grandson as the grandson is going out into the world. Or something like that.
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Oddly enough, I am an alumni of JWS and have absolutely no recollection of these guidelines.
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