Where to review a product that's not sold by Amazon, and not Yelp-able?
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Several times I've wanted to post a review of a product, to alert people to simple issues that the company isn't addressing, but if it's not something Amazon would list, and Yelp wants to tie it to a specific city, where's the place to post the review?
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You could make a consumer product review blog.
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Reddit has good visibility, if there's an appropriate sub-reddit. With super-specific products, a simple blog entry indexed by search engines can be a useful source for interested parties. I often go digging for reviews like this because of how Amazon mashes together ratings for closely related products. It's vexing, and the random reviews out there are appreciated.
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I search for the thing I want + the word review.

Are you talking about products from chains? It sounds like maybe that's what you mean. Some chains do have reviews on their own websites. Like, you can review stuff on Walmart.com, BestBuy.com, Target.com, OldNavy.com, etc. If it's food, I don't really think there is a place to review, for instance, Panera's minestone soup or Applebee's chicken wings.
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This is what a blog is for - publishing your stuff that doesn't fit, or you don't want, somewhere else on the Internet.
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