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Can't get some audiobooks to work on 1st generation ipod. When I download (from itunes) several audiobooks they work fine on computer's itunes but when I try to play them on my Ipod (1st generation) they are skipped. They show up fine in the audiobooks section but when selected move onto next section. Have recently downloaded one that wouldn't work at all; one that worked fine; and one book that only would play the last (part 3) section.

Music all works well and my ipod is only half full. Have tried resetting it without luck. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Complain to iTunes. Same thing happened to me with an Audible.com audiobook and they acknowledged that this was a known bug in some files. They gave me a free audiobook, and then sent me a 'fixed' version of the original file. Customer service still exists!
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Although I doubt this is the problem, Audiobooks are skipped in shuffle mode on iPods (though I can't be sure about 1st generation models). Check that shuffle is off on your iPod.
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