Converting podcasts to mp3 songs in Itunes 12
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I subscribe to the KEXP song of the day. It's got great stuff. I used to be able to right click on the podcast and say "Convert to AAC" and then just change the type to music. Now...not so much. What's the trick to turning podcasts into songs these days?
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This might be too easy to work, or not easy enough, but when I delete podcasts in iTunes, they go into my trash can as simple .mp3 files. Maybe just pull them out, throw them into a directory, and add them to iTunes library from there?
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In iTunes 12 (the current version), podcasts are generally MPEG audio streams. If you go toi the far right and click the cloud with the download arrow, it will save the podcast locally as an mp3 file... which you can drag out of iTunes.
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Response by poster: I can drag it OUT of iTunes but when I put it back it goes right back to recognizing it as a podcast and I can't figure out how to change it.
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1. Go to the file's "Get Info"
2. Click on Options tab
3. "Media Kind" will be "podcast." Change that to "music."
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I think you need to go into "Get Info" then go to the "Options" tab and select Music instead of Podcast.
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Argh, I hate that they took that option out of the right-click menu too! Here's what I do:

- Left click on the podcast once so it's highlighted
- Go to "File" in the menu bar (and I think I had to do some contortions to make that menu bar show up again)
- Go down to "Create New Version" in the drop-down menu, and "Create AAC Version" should be there

Super annoying that it takes more clicks to get there! But it's the same function, as far as I can tell.
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