Qosmio: worth the cash?
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Is a Toshiba Qosmio Laptop F20-136 worth the money?

I am seriously considering purchasing one as the chance to have Freeview digital tv is a big plus for me. I just want to know if there is anything to be wary of with these machines and whether I should go for something else a little less flashy but better under the bonnet.

I have seriously thought about an Ibook but have given up as it doesnt link with either my mobile phone or my mp3 player Creative zen.

Any ideas? its a lot of cash for me so dont want to end up with a duffer.
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skimming the toshiba site, they don't list an f20, so maybe that model is now discontinued (in which case you may be able to push for a lower price) (or maybe the toshiba site doesn't show all the models).
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From Toshiba site here. Beware its flash
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Have you taken your mobile phone and mp3 player down to an Apple Store and had the geeks try to get them connected to an iBook? I can't see why this wouldn't work, especially for the mp3 player.
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Yeah, you just kind of plug in the USB MP3 player and use it as normal, like any Windows machine. If you gave even the slightest bit more information, like a phone model, someone here may even be able to verify (positively or not) the iSyncability of it.
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Sony Ericsson V600i (sorry)
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Google is your friend ClanvidHorse.
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Here's a The Register review of the G20 which might give you an idea of what to expect.
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