Way to export patent data to XLS or CSV?
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I need to get some patent data (Pat Number, Issue Date, Main Claim, Abstract, Forward and Reverse References) from about 100 patents into excel. Is there a site that does this for free?

I've found two websites that can export data (Espacenet, Sumobrain) but Sumobrain was too limited and Espacenet was poorly formatted.

I don't have access to paid websites, and I found the extension Petapator didn't help.

How difficult would it be to make a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on that would copy the data from a USPTO page?
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I'd start with the USPTO data dumps. Some of it is available now, and some is still paid-only. However, Google buys the dumps and republishes them for free, so if you can't get it directly from the PTO, you may be able to get it here.
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obtw, long ago I wrote GreaseMonkey and Perl scripts to interact with Public (or Private) PAIR. It's doable, but a fair amount of hassle unless you're a scripting wizard.
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