Please help me find my dream couch
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I've recently downsized from my 2200 sq foot house to a 1000 sq foot apartment and I love it. Sadly, my couch, which I love in the way you might love a child, will not work in my new place. I'm almost comically picky about what I want, and am just not finding it, so I turn to you, oh great and powerful AskMeta.

Ideally, I would like something as close as possible to the couch I am replacing.

Failing that, here are my requirements:
I want a chaise couch that is not a full corner sectional
- example of style I want
- example of style I do not want

I want to be able to lean against the arm comfortably, and don't like arms that are too "modern". (Examples.)

I would like a couch with a pillow-style back - nothing tight or tufted. (Examples.)

Nothing wider than about 75" across.

The couch needs to be available in microfiber and in red. The exact shade of red isn't super important (but nothing too pink or orange).

I do not need the couch right away, and can easily wait 8-10 weeks for something custom, although it does need to be deliverable to Seattle.

And, ideally, it would be less than $1500, although I'd go up to $2k if it ticked every single box.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you checked out Restoration Hardware? They have some pretty dreamy sofas that may fit your bill, delivery within the USA.
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HAHAHAHAHAHA. I recently posted my own "find my dream couch" question (to which early responders also flat out ignored my budgetary limitations), and while my dreamy checklist was about the opposite of yours, I might just have seen your dream couch. Check out the Leo or Alvin at Spring and Stitch. Somewhat past your price range, but they are currently doing a 20% off sale, which takes it down to just a wee bit past your price range (and there are no shipping charges or taxes).
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Aaaaand I just realized both of those are way too wide for your space. Whoops. Good luck!
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Your visual aids are fantastic! I'm seriously in awe.

Is it even possible to get a sofa in this style (that's Pottery Barn, btw) at - 75" though? I've just spent ten minutes looking (looking at sofas is never a job ;) and none are less than 85+ in that style. At least that I've noticed so far.
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I think this one fits your criteria, but I cannot vouch for the quality of it. This Crate and Barrel one also fits (slightly more expensive, but there are lots of sales/coupons this time of year) and except that microfiber isn't an option online; however, it seems like there might be more options through certain stores (or perhaps a custom slipcover?) Many furniture stores have categories of "apartment couches" or "apartment sofas," which may help you find narrower models-- I found this helpful when looking for our last couch.
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I have a friend with almost exactly what you want down to the red microfiber, although I can't remember what the arms are like. He got it at Macy's several years ago. In the store, not the website.
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I have the three-seat version of this sofa which is 85", but the one I linked is 60". I am sitting on it right now (leaning against one arm), and have slept on it overnight, so I can attest to its comfort level. Hope this helps!
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I've never met a Rowe sofa I don't love. I'm lounging on one now! Check out the Dalton here.
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> He got it at Macy's several years ago. In the store, not the website

Yeah, Macy's seems to have furniture they don't list on their website for whatever reason. The store in Lynnwood has a lot of different styles, they should have something in your price range (I know that one isn't perfect), and the salespeople are helpful without being pushy. They get a lot of new sofas in in December / January.
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The Ektorp from Ikea comes in red, although not microfiber, and is 78". The lounge can move to either side or the middle. They will deliver your items. I'm sitting on mine now in "natural."
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The issue I'm seeing is keeping the width smaller than 75" with the chaise.

I'd still give the The Sofa Company a call and see if they can help. They ship nationwide and their prices are great. I think most of their couches come with chaise options, but they're just too wide.

It's been a while since I bought my couch- but I was able to customize the seat type, the back cushion style, tuffets, leg type, and of course color and fabric. I got exactly what I wanted and it didn't break the bank.
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Find a local place that can do custom furniture and take them a picture. We had a custom sofa made at Furniture Envy in San Francisco, and it was in your price range.
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Wow, are you me?

Definitely try The Sofa Company. They made us a sofa in exactly the size we needed for our living room, in the same shape as what you want--ours ended up needing the long part to be longer than a loveseat but shorter than a full three-seat sofa. It's perfect and it was in your price range.

Also seconding Macy's. I got a great red microfiber chaise style sofa from them for about $900 a few years back. It was a floor model and had a chip in one foot, but that was going against the wall anyway.
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La-z-boy has what you want. They also have it in a beautiful, red, brushed cotton twill that, upon contact, will make you think that you are in the poppy section of the yellow brick road. The cotton wears better than the microfiber and is healthier for your home environment.
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Agreed on La-Z-Boy. I would suggest the Collins style in a chaise plus stationary chair -- so maybe one side plus not a full loveseat.

I own a Rowe Sullivan sectional with chaise that is just like what you want, albeit with a square arm. The one thing I'd caution you on is that the chaise cushion is shaped in a way that prevents it from being flipped, either for wear or because you have a stain. For me, the arm end of my two-non-chaise seats has the seat cushion wrap around it, so that can only face up in one direction as well. Therefore, only the middle cushion can be flipped, and while thankfully that is the one that has the worst stain on it, my chaise also has a stain that is proving very difficult to get rid of.

And unless your room layout really, really precludes it, consider going larger. This sofa is something like 95" long, and I had it and some massive bookshelves AND a queen-sized canopy bed in a 550sf studio apartment. Somehow it all worked, and it helped me feel like I was living more luxuriously than I could afford.
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You should also visit Room & Board.
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The Chelsea Home Armstrong Loveseat (Houzz).
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That 75" width is difficult, since furniture makers seem to think everyone has a giant living room. Perhaps if you find a sofa you like, you could pair it with a matching large ottoman to get the "chaise" feel. I know it is not the same as a chaise with the single long cushion, but may give you more options- it's what I was considering doing when I wanted a chaise. Just make sure the ottoman is the same height- some are not.
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Maybe this one in rouge? I'm not sure what that color looks like in person. I've been really happy with my JC Penney sofa. It's in a pretty vibrant dark teal.
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