Where Can I Get A "Choking Victim" Poster?
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We were recently on holiday in New York, and almost every eatery that we dined in had this poster on display. Can anyone tell me where I can get one of these "Choking Victim" posters??

I've searched for them online without success, and did ask for one at one of the shops, but the employee said that she would probabally lose her job if she gave it to me.
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Best answer: Scroll down in this PDF for a copy of the poster. Alternatively, you can contact NYC govt. and request a copy.
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That's funny. The poster in the brochure riffola linked is only a quarter page, but they must have cut-and-pasted from the actual vector art. So you can zoom way, way in. Kudos to the NYC Health Department for not doing it half-assed and using a lo-rez scan of the poster.
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Response by poster: With a bit of photoshopping all worked well:

- Cropped the image out of the booklet.
- Blew it up to A3 at 300 dpi
- Prinited it on our A3 colour printer

Now it's ready for block mounting to go on the dining room wall!!
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Though I'm a bit late, here's a cropped version that's set to 8.5"x11" page size (the standard in the US).
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(I appreciate your effort zsazsa. I'm going to print that and put it up at work, where it is completely pointless.)
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Response by poster: An old Epson Stylus Photo EX circa 1994.
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Some background on the NYC choking victim poster, if you're interested.
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Eddie Izzard
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, here's the final result:

Choking Poster
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