Self-publishing in hardcover: any recommendations?
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I'm accumulating and editing a corporate history that is to be printed by a self-publishing house; the customer would like a hardcover (more details below). Does anyone have any recommendations on which self-publisher would be best?

The customer would like for it to be printed as a hardcover book of average dimensions (something like 6.5" x 10") and quality and it will probably run around 200 or 250 pages. Photographs are to be included, but as a matte finish is preferred I hope this will not be a problem. Something along the lines of twenty copies is what they're looking for, and it is understood that the price-per-copy may be high.

I've looked around a bit, but am basically ignorant on the subject -- does anyone have any recommendations on which self-publisher would be best?
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Best answer: Are you asking about print service or distributor? Those two things are not the same. When you want to turn something into a book, you need to offer a PDF (or equivalent) to a print house who will print the book for you/your client. A distributor will take those books and make sure the right people get hold of them (incl. online distribution).

A good print house will be able to guide your choice of paper, binding and cover. Recommending one print house over another wholly depends upon your location - and a good google search would be able to tell you of local print services. Once you have selection of these places, most of them will have a price quotation function you can use (you indicate nos of pages, which pages which to be printed in colour vs b&w, paper quality etc).

Also: self-publisher to me would just indicate that you are in charge of all the elements from choosing print service to cover artist & distributor.
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Response by poster: I'm only asking about print service, and am curious to hear the opinions of others, should anyone have one. I'd also be curious to know whether geographic proximity is indeed necessary -- I certainly believe it could help, but am hoping that a company like Infinity or Lightning Source can provide what I'm looking for; i.e., twenty or so copies and perhaps a bit of assistance (which would be paid for).
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Best answer: We've done a lot of publishing projects with Lulu and always been happy with the results. They offer add-on services (editing, design, etc.) if you need those, and have hardcover options in sizes from 6" x 9" through 8.25" x 10.75".
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