Find me the perfect tape to repair my Jack Spade bag's handles.
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What kind of tape would work well to bolster my bag's handles against further wear?

I have a York briefcase made by Jack Spade. Its phenomenal, but after 4 years its starting to wear. The warranty is only for a year and from what I've read Jack Spade doesn't do repairs otherwise, and this seems to be a common occurrence with this model.

The bag is holding up well, but I am noticing the handles are beginning to be worn. They are in no danger of breaking now, but I would like to do some pre-emptive repair. They are made of canvas and are slowly becoming ragged. It seems the damage is more from handling than weight bearing.

The tape, or protective material would need to be something that doesn't leave a residue or become sticky, pliable enough to wrap around the handles, and ideally mean for long term use. Other suggestions welcome too of course.
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Best answer: Often on bags, there will be a leather grip with a couple of snaps that hooks the two straps together for easier carrying. You can see one on this bag. I don't know what they're called or if it even has a name, but I would guess a shoe repair guy could make you one cheaply.
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Agree with cecic Above. Go to a leather shop and get some grips made. Putting tape on your bag isn't going to do your bag—or you, for that matter—any good. It will just make the both of you look sloppy.
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A shoe repair guy could probably also completely replace the handles once they do break or get too worn. The canvas and rivet arrangement is easy enough to replicate. That would probably cost the same amount as a leather grip, if cost is an issue.

I would advise against tape as anything sticky enough to hold up for long periods of wear is going to be sticky on the edges as they lift with normal use. Then it will get all grungy and gross as debris gets trapped underneath, and...yeah. Not cute.
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I work with a number of people who own incredibly expensive handbags. I would take it to a place that specializes in fixing bags (most major cities have a few, but you may want to google handbag repair rather than briefcase). Jack Space is the brother company to Kate Spade so hardware and etc may be really available from the right place. For example:
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Definitely ask your shoe repair guy. I've had bag handles replaced and repaired against further wear there for relatively low prices.
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Best answer: you could use tennis racket grip tape, replace it as it looks grungy just as you do to a tennis racket.
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Response by poster: For the record, tennis racket grip tape is working very nicely for the time being.
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