Wool Winter Coat
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Looking for a trendy wool/cashmere/Alpaca/Merino wool coat

I am looking for a wool winter coat (wool blend with cashmere is fine). Hopefully the coat has at least 70% wool. I am always cold so the warmer the better but which is trendy, well cut and looks stylish instead of a box. Much as I love the style and cut of Burberry I would have to take a loan to buy one but style wise that is what I would look for, only slightly longer and blue/black or darker color. I see some on Macys and other sites but would love some suggestions on where else to look for such a coat. Regular size, above the knees. This is something I would wear to work (i have a regular jacket but it is a puffy one and for regular use so this coat is something more formal/work kind of coat). Budget max is $200.

Many thanks!
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Have you tried nordstrom rack or Tj maxx? Those places can be a gold mine for this sort of thing.
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Lands End has one that seems to fit your criteria. It's not Burberry but it's not $1,000 either. :-)
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This is definitely not enough wool content but it's comparably wicked cheap: Black double breasted hip length pea coat with back waist detail. I highly suggest thin layers to keep warm instead of one bulky coat.
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Land's End coats are great quality/value for the price, but they're also kind of the opposite of trendy, and the fit will tend to run large. That said, your linked design is really a classic peacoat style, not that trendy.

What kind of climate are you in? Thin layers with a cheap wool coat are fine if your winters don't dip below 40 degrees, but for sub-freezing temperatures (yet not Arctic enough to warrant a parka) you'll want multiple layers AND a warm wool coat. My first wool coat was from Macy's, London Fog with 60% wool (I lived in the Mid-Atlantic and could wear it with a cashmere sweater underneath in 30-degree weather plus gloves/scarf/hat), under $100 in January/February. So if you can wait that long, you might be able to snag a better deal.

J.Crew's majesty peacoat in navy or black is currently on promo and 30% off, which brings it down to $194.60 before tax. That's the best price they've had this season on that coat, which is a classic that they bring back every year (but J.Crew's cut tends to be slimmer and more fashionable); I'd guess, based on several years of price-watching experience, that the price won't drop lower until Jan/Feb and you can't guarantee your size/color being available still.
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I have had two such coats from J. Crew. (One was stolen from a bar.) if you wait for sales you can find one in your budget. Very warm.
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Also--I don't know what the exact wool content of the J.Crew peacoat is, but my lady day coat from J.Crew (a similar year-after-year style) is 80% wool/20% nylon.
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I just bought a peacoat for my daughter, at COS. It seems they ship everywhere. It is a birthday present, so my other daughter was with me at the store and tried it on so I could see the fitting, and we decided the sizes are very large. Otherwise, the quality is great - all wool and a cotton lining.
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Seconding Nordstrom Rack and T.J. Maxx! Flip through the racks; sometimes you'll get super lucky.

This is more on the style inspiration and which-stores end of your question than specific coats that meet your criteria, but I think I've been seeing a lot of outerwear recommendation/reviews from Jean from Extra Petite. I get the sense you'd like her style; she's super gorgeous and her style leans toward sharp, sophisticated, work-appropriate, and well-fitted. She does actually wear a lot of Burberry but I also see a lot of J. Crew, ASOS, and even stuff like GAP, Forever 21, and Old Navy and she seems good about mentioning sales; there's a Black Friday sale post on right now.
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Here's a search of the Nordstrom site for blue or black wool or wool blend coats.

Here's a search of the Nordstrom site for blue or black peacoats.

You can further narrow by size and price. Nordstrom lists the fiber content - like this 80% wool, 20% nylon pea coat for under $200 right now.

They also have free shipping and a generous return policy.
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