Hiring pet movers to move cats?
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I'm moving to a new state (California to Montana). I'm couch-surfing at the moment, so my cats are staying with my folks in California until I find a permanent place to live. I'm trying to figure out whether hiring movers is feasible, or whether I should just go back for them myself.

Mostly I'm a bit of a control freak and get nervous about the idea of my cats being transported in the care of people I don't know. They're good travelers - they just nap or sit quietly- and they like people, but they're also door-dashers and escape artists. That's fine when they know the area, but I don't want them getting lost somewhere in Idaho in winter. (Or in spring, summer, or fall, come to think of it.)
But to go back for them myself would be a several-day trip, and it's hard to plan that in advance when I just don't know when I'll have a place for them here. (not to mention the gas, wear & tear on the car, etc.) I'd love to hear anyone else's experiences with pet movers, good or bad.
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Best answer: Have you priced a cheap flight to California and a one-way rental car? It might make more sense WRT to gas, wear and tear and time off work.

For me, any monetary savings using the movers would be outweighed by peace of mind and fetching them myself. I personally couldn't trust anyone else to look after my animals - no reflection on them but I'm with you about worrying about them with someone else. I'd also worry that their desire to escape might be increased by them being in an unfamiliar environment (someone else's vehicle) and with an unfamiliar person. And as professional and kind as the movers might be, they aren't going to be as committed as you to tracking down your cats should they escape.

Good luck on your move! Montana is beautiful!
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Any reason you aren't having them shipped -- yes like an order from Amazon.com -- as live freight? I would trust that more than humans driving them to me and even myself taking the time to get them.
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When I moved from Virginia to Colorado, I was in the same situation. Once I moved into my place, I had my mom bring my kitties to the airport, got them freight tickets, and they flew in the hold. I picked them up when they arrived. I am super over-protective of my fur babies also, but all the airport handlers were kind and conscientious. They never open the carriers unless it's a long flight and they need food/water, and they have a designated enclosed room where this happens. They don't want animals running loose on the plane or in the airport either!

It seemed a lot more secure than a multi-day drive vis-vis them escaping. Just an idea :)
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As someone who regularly drives back and forth from CA to MI because I won't put my dog in the cargo hold of a plane, I would drive them back myself. There are too many horror stories of airlines killing animals out of neglect even when people pay a fortune to ensure their safe handling for me to trust them.
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Agree with cecic. I would drive them. I would only do a flight if they could be under the seat in the cabin (rather than in the cargo hold). However, only one cat per person in the cabin, so that would be a problem with multiple cats.
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A friend of mine was able to find a driver on Craigslist rideshare who was willing to deliver her dog across the country for a relatively small fee (the driver was already making the trip). Everything went smoothly. However, it might be a little easier for a stranger to take care of a dog than cats in a car.
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Response by poster: If anyone is terribly interested, I ended up driving them myself and it went very well. Took three days, and they just slept the whole time until they could explore the hotel at night. They seem pretty happy being Montana cats,though we'll see what they think about snow.
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