Good Copy/Print places in NYC?
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I run a city-wide trivia company that's been growing pretty quickly in the last few months. It's a business that requires a lot of printed materials (answer sheets, handout rounds, prize certificates, promotional posters, that sort of thing), and we could use a regular, friendly place that won't gouge us.

We're now big enough that we could use a regular contract with a good place. Getting stuff done at Staples/Kinko's/UPS was fine when the stakes were smaller, but it's getting to be way (way, way) too expensive and user-hostile, and we'd prefer to use a more local business anyway.

Bonus points if they're interested in a city-wide-promotion-for-small-discount deal, though that's not necessary. We're serving 1000 to 2000 players a week, so promo might be something useful. And we're always up for promoting local businesses.

We're based in Astoria, but anywhere in the 5 boroughs would work for us. Any ideas?
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My workplace uses Union Solidarity Graphics. They're much more professional and easy to work with than our previous printer.
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Just doing a google map search for "reprographics" didn't turn up much of anything in Queens, but there's a whole bunch of stuff in Manhattan. What kind of printing are you doing? A bunch of 8.5x11 stuff or anything large format (i.e. larger than 11x17)?

I only have sort of peripheral experience in doing the same kind of search in my area, and generally for large format stuff, but there may be printers that just do small stuff that would be a good fit (they might not bill themselves as "reprographics" in that case). Generally, if you're on a contract and you're printing regularly, you can get a discount off the regular price, but how much might depend on volume. I think the rate we got was 1/2 to 2/3 the standard price per square foot; letter/legal size might be per sheet. You can probably shop yourselves around a bit.

One note, one of the places in Manhattan is ARC Reprographics, which is fine and does a good job, but they're nationwide, not a local shop.
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Response by poster: I don't mind a national outfit; I just didn't want to have to rely on a major corporation who didn't listen and had the customer service skills of Vogons. And really, Staples doesn't need my money.

I'll look these places up. If there are any other recommendations, I'm happy to hear them.
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