Need an easy-to-use quiz/ questionnaire generator
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Hi Mefites: I'm looking for a free/cheap web service that allows me to ask someone a few multiple choice questions via a survey and then be able to give them a text-based diagnostic (not a numerical score). Something similar to this, via Buzzfeed, where they ask a few multiple choice questions and at the end, they give you a pre-written response to how you've answered.

My apologies in advance on how to properly describe what I'm looking for.

I would provide all the questions/responses, I just need a service that will give me the ability to do it.

I think the difficulty for me is that there will be many questions and the logic behind what responses to give will be complex.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Not used this, but I believe Google docs/sheets might provide what you need:
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Try Tellwut, I haven't used it for this myself but I believe this is one of its main functions.

I assume that surveymonkey isn't appropriate for you for some reason?
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Could this be what you're after?
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Adobe FormsCentral provides a great authoring interface with basic logic. One month trial is a dollar, then if you decide to subscribe, it's $12/month.
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