What is your experience with Renaissance Weekends?
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If you (or someone you know) attended a Renaissance Weekend, what was it like?

I hadn't heard about this event until I got an invitation in the mail, but after some online reading, I’ve concluded that it's a serious thing. Now I have questions:

1) Was it good and interesting and worth your time and money? This is really the main question, and I’d love to hear of your experience - either in the thread or through MeMail if you prefer to remain private.
2) I’m a scientist but not a big shot by any stretch. How active would my participation be in sessions? Would most attendees be like me or would I feel awkwardly insignificant?
3) According to the letter, I can bring along a spouse or friend. Would I feel isolated if I don’t?
4) There are several events spread out across the year with the biggest one around New Year’s. Is any of them better suited for a one-time/first-time attendee, or should I try to sign up for the one at New Year’s because it's the "flag ship"?
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