Gift for a graduating nursing student?
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GraduationFilter: The wife is graduating from college this december to be a RN(Registered Nurse). Can i please have some ideas for a very thoughtful gift to give her for graduation? Im looking for something that is unique and thoughtful, not something that is a standard cooking cutter gift. Thanks Everyone!!!
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Write her a letter. Touch on her accomplishments and big milestones. Talk about how proud you are of her! It's from the heart. I think it's much better than any purchased gift.
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Get her a monthly massage. That seems to help keep my wife going. If she's going to be working ina hospital or facility, send her flowers at work every once and a while. Flowers on the charge desk make the whole floor a better work enviornment.
If she's doing anything critical or cardiac, a really good stethoscope is a wonderful tool.
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Littman makes excellent stethoscopes. I have used mine since 1991.
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Giant Microbes!
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Engraved nurse's timepiece?
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A really nice stethescope tag.
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Get her a desk plate with her degree initials.

My Mom got her doctorate a while back and I got her a desk plate that said: Mommy Dearest DEd
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What's wrong with a cooking cookie cutter gift for a nurse?
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A pendant that says "RN" on a chain is nice. I received a matted "Stamps of Nursing" piece--it was very nice. The idea about massages is great, we tend to get a lot of knots. On second thought, wait to give her the pendant AFTER she passes her boards. Do the massages first.

What area is she planning to work? If you have any more questions, my e-mail is in my profile. Knowing where she plans to work (specialty) might depend on the gift.
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I know someone asked just this question ... about 6 months ago. I know because I got my sister (graduating from RN school) a giant microbe. It was smaller than I thought it would be, but she still liked it. I think.

Check the archives.
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Here you go. The thread was from April. Not as many answers as I remembered. Anyway, best of luck.
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I second the Littman stethoscope, especially the Cardio II. It's very practical, and also (incidentally) a bit of a status symbol. But they really are very good and worth the money.

Disclaimer: It's been a while since I've been in that profession, and there may be a new version of Littman that's even better.
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