Getting hold of Scandinavian almond potatoes — or a similar variety?
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Scandinavia has a variety of potato called almond. It's small, extremely mealy and delicate, and has a slightly sweet, buttery flavour; it's utterly delicious. I have been looking for this variety in the US (specifically, New York), but I'm coming up short. Is there a place to find it, or is there an American variety that is comparable?
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Best answer: Are you looking for seed potatoes, or a grocery store where you can buy them (to eat)? If it's the former, I've heard that this potato is marketed to American gardeners under the name "Swedish Peanut". If this is true, it's available from Burpee, Wood Prairie Farm (who repeat the claim that this the potato otherwise known as Almond) and others.
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Best answer: If this is the same thing as "peanut potatoes," I've purchased those at the Union Square Greenmarket.
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Best answer: I think one vendor that sells them at the Greenmarket is Paffenroth Gardens.
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Those look a lot like the 'Teeny Tiny Potatoes' that Trader Joe's sells.
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Response by poster: Some googling confirms that these are more commonly known in the U.S. as Swedish peanut potatoes, or "fingerlings". That seems to yield more results. I will also try those places you mention. Thank you, guys!
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