Need kitchen and home color scheme ideas
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Are there any books, magazines, or websites that might help the design-challenged pick colors during a complete kitchen remodel or new house construction? We'd like to be able to flip through pictures of various home interiors - most importantly the kitchen but also other rooms - to help us decide on the colors of our cabinets and floors. Google images hasn't been terribly useful.
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I will second Houzz. I consulted it extensively while we were building our house. We would pick our cabinet color and then I would search for pictures of kitchens with similar cabinets to look at their backsplashes, etc. Houzz is great.
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Apartment Therapy has nice pictures sometimes.
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Pinterest. Search "kitchen".
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If you're spending thousands, it's worth having a decorator in. They can assess the building and how it lies in relationship to the landscaping, the quality of the light from different angles, even their impressions of the kind of lifestyle you have, and work all that into their suggestions.

As anyone who's discovered that a paint chip doesn't really give an impression of how a whole room will look can tell you, it's worth having a chat with someone for whom this is a trade.
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Bing search for "pinterest kitchen décor"

Google search for "pinterest kitchen décor"

I have found that Pinterest is an interesting source of pics on occasion.
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When I was picking paint colors I was able to get a CDROM from the brand I used, which showed combinations. They probably have apps or let people do so on their websites now.
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Houzz was superb, thank you very much folks.
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