What would you do with too much bamboo?
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Due to some overzealous purchasing at Ikea, I have found myself with two extra slabs of bamboo tabletop. Any creative suggestions on what I can do with them? Would these be safe to use as cutting boards?

The two pieces are leaves from a table. Nice and solid. Trapezoidal, about 31" x 12". Ikea website says they are finished with "clear acrylic lacquer." My first thought was cutting boards. Any other creative suggestions? Not afraid to cut/sand/modify them, just don't want them sitting unused in a closet.
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Get some brackets and use them as shelves.
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Don't use them as cutting boards unless you sand off the acrylic.
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End tables?
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Build some nesting tables? Shelves beside a bed or in a bathroom, or closet? Shoe rack? Basement storage? Shelves underneath a sunny window, used to support a few nice plants?

Don't use them for cutting boards.
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Hit up the search engine on Ikea Hackers
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Take them back? Ikea has an absurdly generous returns policy and the staff have a lot of leeway in interpreting it. They may be able to give you partial credit even for custom pieces or things you bought a long time ago.
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Console-type "landing strip" by front or back door (a single shelf supported by brackets, or parallel shelves spaced about a foot apart, or both shelves spaced widely -- bottommost shelf for shoe/boot organization, and the acrylic finish means you can easily wipe it clean). Or, cut one board in half for bedside tables in a small bedroom. Or, add them as shelves in existing cabinets and closets where spills are likely (pantry, art or craft supply storage, toiletry organization in linen closet or bathroom cabinet, etc.).
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