Fun for kids in Tulsa, this weekend.
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A family wedding will take us to Tulsa this weekend. Flight schedules imposed a Friday arrival for a Saturday evening function, so we will have much of the day Saturday with two little kids in a town we've never visited before. Saturday morning we are on our own, we'll be meeting up with cousins in the afternoon. Zoo? Aquarium? Good parks/play grounds would be good too. Kid-friendly restaurants? Lay it on me.
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The zoo and aquarium are both good suggestions. I've been to both, and they're quite nice. They aren't terribly near each other, though.
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Where in Tulsa will you all be based out of? Will you be renting a car for the weekend?
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Response by poster: We will be renting a car. Our hotel is near the airport, the reception we will be heading to eventually is in Owasso. We will be meeting up with cousins in the afternoon who live in Norman so I don't expect them to know much about Tulsa either.
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How old are the kids? Good restaurants for little kids include Dilly Deli (downtown, good for breakfast and sandwiches, has a play area outside), Ollie's Station (train-themed, further from downtown/airport), or Chimera (less kid-themed but kid-friendly restaurant downtown with good breakfast tacos and coffee). Both Dilly Deli and Chimera are downtown near Guthrie Green (good for running around and usually have bands or activities on the weekends) and the Tulsa Children's Museum. The zoo is close to the airport and they just opened a brand-new rhino exhibit last week. There's also an air and space museum not far from there. I've heard it's cool but I've never been. There are a lot of good playgrounds on Riverside Drive. If your kids are a little older, there are tours of the Art Deco buildings downtown (pretty fun because you get to run around in underground tunnels between all the buildings) or the Woody Guthrie Center.
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The Will Rogers Birthplace in Oologah keeps animals on the property.
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woodward park has lots of interesting stuff and is also close to the philbrook museum. (if the kids are old enough). the zoo has an indoor rainforest exhibit that is ideal - the petting zoo is pretty small.
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