Question about Central & South American charities
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Question about Central or South American charities

I have an idea for raising money for a charity. I've spent a lot of time travelling through Central and South America, and I would like to donate the money to a charity in one of the countries I have visited. I imagine that the money should be most needed in Guatemala, Peru or Honduras, but I would also consider Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia.

Does anyone know about a good charity in one of those countries? I'd rather prefer that they not be church-based.

I really do not have any cause that I have chosen, but I would of course prefer that my money is spent well for those who need it most.

(If it makes any difference I live in Iceland)
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FWIW, Bolivia and Haiti are two of the poorest countries in the area.
And it's Colombia.
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No, actually it's Nicaragua and Haiti.

But for personal reasons I'd rather give to the countries I mentioned.
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I'm not sure this is exactly what you are looking for, but Oxfam funds some good programs in Central America. If you want to donate directly, you might want to check out their list of local partners.
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einarorn: He said two of the, not the two.
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Partners in Health/Socios en Salud works in Peru. PIH is the organization started by Paul Farmer and the subject of the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.
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I can point you to information about a good charity in Guatemala. I know these folks, and can vouch for their honesty. Your dollars will be well spent.
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I work with members of the Aguaruna tribe in northern Peru. The villages I work with have an organisation for development projects. This is a local organisation, trying to raise funds for things like an outboard motor, agricultural and health projects.

If you are interested in contacting them or helping out, my email is in my
profile. (Some photos here (self-link)).
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Although it is a church charity, World Vision is one of the most widespread, tax-deductible charities and has the highest project/admin-cost ratio and is back by a slew of accountability checkers to be sure. I'm sure you could be able to donate to a specific region.
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