Best pencil eraser?
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Conan! What pencil eraser is best in life?

Please tell me of your favourite model of pencil eraser, what you use it for, and why it is the best.
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TOMBOW Mono Non-dust. Erases super clean, leaves behind almost no dust. I use it mostly for drawing, especially when I want a hard erased edge (as opposed to the smudgy edge you'd get from a kneaded rubber eraser). Looks like you can buy them here if you can't find them locally.
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I am partial to the Staedtler Mars Plastic. I mostly use it for erasing pencil lines in patternmaking when I am sewing. It erases cleanly with less dust than a rubber eraser. I use it instead of the erasers on the end of pencils.

Those non-dust ones look pretty cool, also.
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I use a kneaded eraser when I draw - I use it to erase pencil lines but leave the inks so the image is nice and clean. It's good for getting rid of a lot of pencil at once and there is no dust; if there are unusually dark or dug-in lines then I'll use a Staedtler Mars Plastic.
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Ditto the Mars Plastic. When I was but a lad, an older engineer told me "it erases the pencil, not the paper."
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The highest-regarded erasers at JetPens are the Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser and the Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser. The user reviews are pretty convincing, coming from people who have used various brands and models. I personally use several erasers, from the Tombow Mono for detail work to the Uni Boxy for general-purpose erasing. Jetpens has an eraser guide that also has a bunch more helpful info.
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My top preference is Ticonderoga pencils. However I only write or line draw with them not an entire sketch. They have amazing graphite and erase cleanly. I also use a kneadable eraser or one that's similar to those plastic white ones.
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For most uses, I prefer the Mars Plastic 528. I really like its pencil like form factor, while still being an amazing paper safe eraser.

When I'm seriously drawing, I'll have that and a kneaded eraser* at hand.

* This prismacolor kneaded eraser is just the Design eraser with a new name.
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Nthing the Staedtler Mars eraser. Works well with pencil, erases the heck out of compressed charcoal, really gets the paper back to white without leaving much residue, can be cleaned by just erasing it on your jeans. Bonus, can be carved to make into a stamp for use with an ink-pad.
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The venerable and exhaustive pencil blog Dave's Mechanical Pencils endorses the Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser.. I trust that blog with 100% of my pencil-related questions.
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When I'm seriously drawing, I'll have that and a kneaded eraser* at hand.

This. There is no need for anything else. Kneaded eraser FTW.
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Another erasing tool you might find useful for fine work is a little cloth bag filled with eraser bits. It goes by a bunch of names - rat, scumbag, bunny bag - but might be officially called a cleaning bag.
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Another one for Mars Plastic. Sure, it leaves wee bits everywhere, but erases like a good 'un. Get one of the retractable stick ones if you need precision.

Pencil-end erasers are just no.
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Mars plastic ftw.
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Mars Plastic here too, but preferably attached to the end of a Staedtler Cadet/Rally. It's part of what makes it the perfect crossword pencil. The eraser does it's job well without tearing holes in newsprint or smearing on magazine paper.
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Another Mars user; they carry them at the art supply store down the street from where I work.

But, for some more variety, here're reviews from the nice obsessives at JetPens--including (whoa) an eraser designed to fit different kinds of graphing or lined paper.
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For large swaths of erasin’, I'm with the Mars Plastic crowd. But for fine erasing (and general nice-to-use form factor) I really like the Sanford Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick — which is essentially a retractable Mars Plastic.
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I'd argue the Pentel Ain Polymer (the white one) or the Hinedowashi Matumaru-Kun (which I prefer over the Pentel Ain Polymer).
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Another vote for Mars Plastic - I still have mine from school
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I agree that Mars Plastic is great for erasing large areas. For smaller erasing, I like the eraser at the end of my Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. When it's gone, I put on a Papermate Arrowhead pencil cap eraser. It's the only pencil top eraser I've found that stays on the end of the pencil, doesn't split and erases really well. And because it stays perched at the end of my pencil, I don't lose it like I always do with my Mars eraser.
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I'm fond of the Pentel Clic eraser.
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