Phablet / Smartphone help, Holiday 2014 edition
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I am contemplating replacing my flip-phone with a phablet, or even a 10-inch tablet. Fashion dorkiness aside, is this a viable phone for me?

For several years, I have been carrying an Android smartphone for work stuff and an old-school flip-phone for personal stuff. My Android gave up the ghost and my office replaced it with an iPhone 4s. This makes me sad.

For several months, I have also been carrying around a shiny new wifi-only 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. I find myself using it a lot, and I often find myself turning on my iPhone hotspot to get the tablet online. But carrying around three devices is a bit much.

I am debating "upgrading" my personal phone line to the 4G version of the tablet, or a comparable phablet-size device, but I'm cautious about the logistics of making calls. A lot of my calls on my flip-phone are done via Bluetooth, but I *do* use the handset by itself quite a bit.

I'm not as concerned about the fact that I need a huge purse to lug it around, and I'm ok with relying solely on the work phone if I need to limit myself to a small purse. I'm most concerned about whether it's really viable to use the enormophone as a phone for day-to-day stuff.
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You're a lawyer. You have to carry a lot of shit around. Its normal.
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I don't believe that you can use tablets as traditional cellular telephones, despite the 4g data plan.
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You can use Skype to connect to land and cellphone's.
Consider an iPhone 6Plus
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I have a Sony xperia Z ultra, it's a massive phone, or a smaller tablet I guess. I love it, and can still take calls on it without feeling like I'm holding a book on my head.

That's a six point one inch screen, and is mostly fine for phone and for tablet stuff.
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I can take and make phone calls on my iPad mini from my iPhone 5s as long as both are logged on to the same wifi network. This is a feature of iOS 8.

It's pretty groovy because I can leave my phone in my briefcase, or on my desk and just carry the iPad around.
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Galaxy note 2 user here and I love it...with the 4 coming out soon, you can probably get the 3 (or even 2, it's still a great phone) on for cheap...and if you live in an area with good sprint/verizon service, check out good rates and hotspot isn't an extra charge like the big carriers. I use mine for just about everything and the pen is super handy for detail work (even if that's just clicking on a tiny link in a big list on the internet) ...and it really isnt too big to fit in a back pocket or in your hands (xy chromosome here, but on the short and skinny jean size)
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whether it's really viable to use the enormophone as a phone for day-to-day stuff
I've had the iPhone 6 plus for over a month and I have not had a problem using it as a phone. I guess I am not sure what you mean by "viable". It is a phone and works like it is supposed to. Why does your work provided 4S make you sad? If you have specific annoyances with it, I can tell you if they still exist on the 6 plus. I use both the handset and the headphones to make and answer calls. I haven't used any bluetooth accessories with it, but my husband's 5S works well with our car radio's bluetooth for both music and calls.

Depending on your provider, you may have an option to use your personal phone as a work phone. AT&T's version of this is called Toggle.
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It is honestly not my personal favorite but there are phone/tablet combos - a normal sized phone that is inserted into a tablet. This is an example. This particular model is Android powered.

Calls are accessible with both phone and tablet mode. Though the tablet is just a brick if the phone is not inserted.
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Loooove my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. When it dies (which doesn't appear to be soon; it still works the same as the day I got it) I will upgrade to a Note 3 or 4, because I cannot imagine switching away from Android or going back to a smaller screen. I never use my iPad anymore because the screen on the Note is big enough to use for everything. And yeah, it fits in a back pocket and works just like any other phone, I have no problem using it as a phone and I can even text one-handed (though that is a stretch, admittedly).
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