Tool for visualizing network activity over time
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I'm looking for a tool to visualize activity in a network (e.g. people sending emails to each other or planes moving between airports).

We currently simply create graphs in Visio, but that takes too much time and there is no way to visualize the time component. I'm looking for software that would allow us to generate graphs automatically and, ideally, that can create animations to visualize connections over time.
This is for use in a business context, so money is not much of an issue, but time definitely is and the resulting visualizations need to look professional.
Something like Tableau but with the capability to visualize and animate graphs would be perfect.
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I believe there is open source work for the Gephi tool to do this, but I haven't had much luck tracking it down. It might require a bit a programming chops to investigate - not sure how much of a learning curve that would be for you, if any.
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GeoTime is a software tool designed specifically for visualizing data through time and space. Network visualization is one of its key use cases.
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