Snow fun holiday without skiing
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Help me find some Family Fun in the snow (Europe) but not with skiing - I week Dec 26th-

Kids are 8 and 15, none of us know how to ski, or even have the right clothing or equipment. We can travel from any London airport. Preferably Southern Europe.
We were thinking of something unusual, a few years back we went to Cyprus and there was skiing on Mount Olympus, loads of skiing also in Spain. BUT, we don't want to go to all the expense of getting the "right" gear or clothes so we don't look like the poor cousins.
So, outside of the "piste" scene, what kind of fun can we have in the snow and where can we rent the snowsuits/boots etc., Language is not a problem as we get by in most of the Western European ones. Help!
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How about in Austria or Slovakia or Czech Repub? Woods, hiking, mountains, cool historic towns, spas...
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you have mail, Wilder
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Germany has miles-long sledding/tobogganing trails--try a google search on that? (Kid-safe--I know a German family that took their 7 year old daughter.)
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I stayed in a really cool hostel for english-speaking folks in the town of Kirchberg (right near Kitzbuhel), called Club Habitat. Across the street from the hostel is a taboggen run that is lit up at night with chair lift service. The club may be a bit too "party atmosphere" depending on the ages of the kids, but the nighttime tobaggoning is something you could check out if you were staying in that area.
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