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I like the look of this leather blazer. I'm specifically looking for a jacket I can wear indoors as a pseudo-suit jacket in my business casual workplace. Can you suggest a leather blazer, similar to this one, or at least NOT moto or mixed media style? I am in the U.S. Size-wise, I'm right on the edge between 1x and XXL, or between a straight 16 and an 18W.

I've tried it on in 3 sizes, and none of them fit. One was too small, one was too big, and the one that seemed like it was the right size just wasn't right -- the jacket's waist was lower than my natural waist and was uncomfortable.

Things I like about this blazer: I like that it does not have reveres, that it's classic in style, and not a trendy moto style (I already have a moto-style jacket). I like the princess seams and the fake pockets. I like the little clasp detail, but don't love it, because I think it would make the jacket hard to wear open.
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Best answer: Wow, this is tougher to answer than I thought it would be! I have a few leather blazers that I've collected over the years and regularly keep an eye out, but I'm not turning up much that is in the general fashion neighborhood of your example.

The jackets I have now are from JJill (don't see any leather goods from them any more), the Sejour line at Nordstrom, and one by label Shape FX that is part leather and part pointe/knit--not sure if that's what you mean by "mixed media"--can't remember where I got it from. But those may be decent search terms for googling as you look, going forward. Jessica London typically has leather blazers in their catalog, but they tend toward the stodgy so they may not be your cup of tea.

So I guess my suggestions for you would be to either hit ebay, or maybe start working your way though the classic plus size master shopping list from the blog WTF Plus Size Manufacturers. That's a long list but a great reference... My first guesses for you from that list were Carmakoma and Navabi ($$$) and I didn't turn up much, but there are lots of other options worth a look.

Wish I could have helped you more, as another big chick who likes a good leather blazer. Hope these suggestions pay off in the long run!
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Best answer: Wonder if this might be up your alley? Available in a 16...
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Best answer: This is somewhat similar and would look good open.

This is a bit different with with a draped front, but still classic.

This has a peplum detail and a zip front, but no lapel.

Those all come in black too.

That's what I got from my Amazon window shopping. Good luck, I completely understand blazer-lust.
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