Sayako's Farewell
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I understand that Princess Sayako must leave the imperial family because she is marrying a commoner. However, from the article, it sounds as if she'll no longer be considered their daughter. Will she still be allowed to visit? How does this work and what are the traditions surrounding such a farewell?
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Leaving the Imperial Household of Japan means losing one's imperial status (duties, responsibilities, rewards). She's still their daughter and it sounds like she has a close relationship with her mother (from the article). Since she is marrying, she is probably also physically leaving the household. I think this change of political and physical household is what the article is talking about. Japan tries to limit the size of the Imperial Household. See the link I provided.
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Of course she will be allowed to visit. Dunno about the tradotions but I imagine she will get a whole lot of money from the Japanese taxpayer and live out her days on the proceeds of that and what her government lackey husband is milking as a salary.
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Oh and needless to say, come the revolution off with their heads.
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