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I'm looking for a way to aggregate my rss feeds into a daily digest that is sent to me via email. Is there such a beast?
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posted by panoptican at 3:06 PM on November 12, 2005

Actually, Feedblitz might be better, especially if you use FeedBurner (and if you don't it's really easy and free to setup).
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Response by poster: It looks like these offer services for blog authors - what I want is something that forwards news items to my inbox, kind of like Rmail but in digest form. Unless I'm misunderstanding how these sites work.
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Oh, I see... I misunderstood your question. So you want to be able to subscribe to certain feeds and instead of using a feed reader, have a daily summary e-mailed to you (and correct me if I'm wrong). I've heard of something like this. Let me check around in my bookmarks.
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Response by poster: There is actually a python script called rss2email, but so far I haven't gotten it to work.
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Best answer: After rooting around a bit, FeedBlitz actually does everything that you need. See here for an explanation. But basically, you can input all the feeds you want and set it to send you one e-mail a day. A daily digest, as you put it.
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Response by poster: Oh wow - that's perfect. Thanks panoptican.
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no daily digest here, but I've been using rss popper to integrate my feeds into outlook, so they're read just like my email.
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