Help a Luddite DIY a sweet Christmas present for a tech geek
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This year, I'm trying to make as many of my Christmas gifts as I can. I picked my 21-year-old tech geek brother in the family's Secret Santa drawing, and I need to find a cool, useful gift to make him...

I was scheming a DIY of a LED word clock like this:

Unfortunately, said little brother is my go-to guy for tech help, and I'm more than a little intimidated by the Arduino as someone who thinks the iPhone runs on magic. Help me find an easier, equally awesome Christmas present to make him!

Budget: around 100 dollars or less
His interests: Entrepreneurship, well-made gadgets, anything from Apple, chill music like Alt-J, etc.
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What about making something with Lego bricks and Sugru?
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I got my hubby this useless box from Think Geek (which is a great place to find things techy). Believe it or not, techy people love it. Because yep, that's all it does (what's in the picture) and they do have to put it together. My hubs loves it. Make sure your brother has a soldering kit though, if not, they have those too and both will be under your $100 limit.
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A simple desk or wall caddy for storing USB cables, thumb drives, stylus, etc. could be awesome. Some mostly-vertical square or cylindrical chambers that are open on top should do the trick. You can make it out of wood blocks or whatever you want.
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Here's a no solder version of the Useless Box.
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Whoops, wrong link. Here's the correct one.
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Make a non-cardboard version of Google Cardboard. You can get parts from Unofficialcardboard. Plastic, wood, foam etc are possibilities, and you can decorate the outside to make it personal. If you are really ambitious you can make it look like a Star Wars binoculars. There's a community of people hacking on the concept.
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