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I've been given the task of tracking blog posts relating to a group I'm involved with and keeping the wiki updated on an ongoing basis. Help me do this with a minimum of effort.

The original task was to read the posts and provide a summary on one page, updated as necessary. I do plan on doing that, but what would be really great is if I could have an "archive" page with links to all relevant past and current posts. However, I'd like to avoid having to run multiple searches (using several tags) on multiple search engines every week and manually copying and pasting URLs onto a wiki page. Please tell me that I can set it up so that this is generated dynamically. If it can be done, I'd appreciate detailed instructions since I suspect I'm in over my head. It's a MediaWiki wiki, though it may be moving to JotSpot in the future.
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Hm. You might be able to do something like this with RSS; you would need to install the Mutante/RSSFeed extension to Mediawiki (it's gone through various improvements by other users, so I'm not sure what the most current version is.) Live example of the RSS extension here.

After installing that, you could add an RSS tag to the Talk page of the summary page which would aggregate the various blog posts. This sound like it might work? Possibly crazy enough to work?
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You could setup a favelet to grab the current url that you were browsing and present an input field that would let you type out your short description. After you submitted the favelet you could have it auto-populate the url and description you just entered into a web form that could then be submitted in the wiki.

I am thinking something along the lines of the delicious favelet.
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